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Flat is boring - get your ideas inflated

July 1st, 2014

Flat is boring - get your ideas inflated

Someone recently said that we live in a world of smart phones and dumb people. Pessimistic, isn’t it? But let’s take a step back and rephrase the statement - we live in a world of smart technologies and even smarter people who are brave and creative to use the new technologies in a proper way!

To show you that there’s no magic between technology and idea, CGTrader teamed up with Shapeways to materialise some of the best of your flat ideas and launched a campaign - “Flat is boring”. Since we are all full of ideas, we believe anyone should have a chance to experience, touch and feel what 3D printing is really capable of. Therefore, people from all around the world will have the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity by sharing even the craziest thoughts that will later be turned into real objects, as pure evidence that ideas can be touched and sensed.

The mechanics of this campaign are simple: you upload your flat idea, get upvoted and if the idea is among the top 10 - it gets materialised. Anyone who has ever dreamt of bringing their big, small, modest or mind-blowing ideas to life will have the chance to do that.

The only luck factor you need to get into the top 10 is an original idea. Everyone is encouraged to show that smart technologies are for smart people. Be creative and brave – reach out to touch your ideas, because flat is boring and suited only for eye tests :)

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